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The cost of birthday gifts for kids classmates

The cost of birthday gifts for kids classmates

Close to 900 mums and dads across the country have opened up about their birthday gift buying for their children’s classmates for a survey carried out by UKMums.TV. The survey reveals 57% typically spend between £5 - £10 per birthday gift. But it seems some generous parents aren’t afraid to fork out much more with expensive jewellery, technology and designer clothes among lavish items for their son or daughter’s closest school friends.

We also discovered that nearly one third (28.9%) of parents said they ‘often’ feel under pressure to spend more on their friends’ birthday gifts than they can afford, highlighting a need for strict budgeting as the costs can spiral out of control.

Other key findings from the survey reveal:
• Parents expect to attend around one birthday party a month, with almost half (43%) of respondents saying their kids usually go to parties between ‘seven and 12’ or ‘12 or more’ times a year.
• Close to one in five parents (17.5%) has had a parent request money instead of a birthday gift.
• The vast majority of mums and dads keep it personal, with 84% of respondents receiving party invites in person, 5% via social media.
• There is a slight gender divide when it comes to present giving. Some 14% of respondents said they would give boys technology, compared with 3% for girls. While some 56.3% of respondents said they would buy clothes, jewellery and accessories for girls compared with 17.7% for boys.

How does your bill for kids birthday gifts stack up? We’d be interested to know. Tell us over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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