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The Gentleness of Nature, the Caring of HUGGIES®

The Gentleness of Nature, the Caring of HUGGIES®

Beginnings are very delicate times, especially when it comes to caring for baby’s skin. They're so fragile, so sensitive that demands special care. And we know that for you, only the best will do.

That’s why we’re introducing Huggies® Newborn Wipes, our softest, most natural wipe yet, giving care and protection for the most sensitive of skin.

Made with gentle natural fibres, 99% pure water and no fragrance they’re free from alcohol, perfume, phenoxyethanol and parabens. Clinically tested as safe from day one.

The purity of water and the gentle touch of Huggies® provides all the care babies need.

HUGGIES® Wipes baby bonding expert, Gayle Berry says: “Change time with your baby can be a great time to connect with your baby and communicate how much you love them. Relaxed baby means more relaxed nappy changing" 

“When you have the time, use changing as an opportunity to bond with your baby. With your little one lying down comfortably, gently massage (can be done from 8 weeks+) their feet slowly with organic sunflower seed oil. Touch communicates love, trust and security, enabling you to clean and change your baby in a more relaxed way. Using a wipe such as HUGGIES® Newborn to cleanse allows you to have lots of skin-on-skin contact with your little one and ensures kindness to even the most sensitive skin.”

HUGGIES® Wipes skincare expert, midwife Natalie Lee says: 
“We know most mums like to use naturally formulated products wherever possible. HUGGIES® Newborn Wipes are formulated with the goodness of natural absorbent fibres and 99 percent  pure water, making them super soft and kind for delicate skin from the very first day.”

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