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The Jungle Book Film Review

The Jungle Book Film Review

Here at UKMums.tv we’ve been to see Disney’s remake of “The Jungle Book” which sees a new slant taken on the classic, much-loved story of Mowgli and his animal friends.

This visually stunning, live action film still includes all our favourite characters from Baloo the carefree bear to Shere Khan the fearsome tiger. Kids will love to watch as Mowgli embarks on his adventures in the jungle guided by his animal friends, who really do come to life in this film. Along the way, Mowgli meets a whole host of recognisable jungle animals and learns some valuable life lessons as he journeys.


The updated version of this film cleverly combines modern special effects with the classic songs and fun from the original film, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whilst kids will enjoy talking animals, we’re sure that like us adults will appreciate the breath-taking visuals that the film has to offer.

Whether your little ones want to be King of the Swingers or a Jungle VIP, we highly recommend you take them to see this film - a big 10/10 from us at UKMums.tv!

If you’ve already seen the film, let us know what you or your kids thought over on our Facebook and Twitter!

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