Mums Choice Awards

The Mums Choice Awards – Best Toy ages 4-7, (below £20) Category Winner!

The Mums Choice Awards – Best Toy ages 4-7, (below £20) Category Winner!

After weeks of testing, we here at UKMums.TV are proud to name our favourite Toy for ages 4-7, (below £20) for 2017 as:

Name: PJ Masks Vehicles
Price: £13.99
Manufacturer: Flair Plc

“The PJ Masks Vehicles let fans speed, zoom and fly “into the night to save the day. There’s Catboy and his Cat-Car, Gekko and his Gekko-Mobile and Owlette and her Owl Glider.  Each signature vehicle includes a 3” articulated figure but can fit all three PJ Masks 3” figures inside for teamwork-powered adventures!”

Why UKMums.TV Loved PJ Masks Vehicles: Our testers said, “These are lovely chunky vehicles that are easy to grip and manoeuvre as you play! Such great quality and play value for just £14. Our kids really enjoyed playing with this and recreating scenes from the TV show!”

We tested plenty of products in this category over the few months, and have also given highly commended awards to:

Funrise International, for their Tonka Tiny’s from just £2.49! These are the perfect vehicles to take on the go! They are the perfect pocket-sized vehicles to create adventures wherever you are. Each vehicle comes with its own garage for storing and stacking!

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