Mums Choice Awards

The Mums Choice Awards – Nursery Must Have Product Winner!

The Mums Choice Awards – Nursery Must Have Product Winner!

After weeks of testing, we here at UKMums.TV are proud to have two winners in our Nursery Must Have category! The first being:

Name: The Multy
Price: £179.99
Manufacturer: Ninnananna Ltd.

“The Multy is a versatile and innoviative baby crib, highchair, childs seat and storage system all in one – an indispensable addition to any family home! 4 products in 1 box!”
Our testers said “What a brilliant product! Many baby items are only useful for a few months and then you need to buy the next thing. The fact this transforms and grows with them is genius! Really stylish in every stage too. Great value for money considering what it does. Love it!”

Our second winner of the Nursery Must Have category is:

Name: Whisbear The Humming Bear
Price: £39.99
Distributor: Ardega Nursery Distribution

“Whisbear is an extraordinary bear who was born with one mission: to help babies sleep well. Whisbear emits white noise, a sound that the baby remembers from foetal life. The device operates for 40 minutes and then switches off. If the baby cries, the CRYsensor function will turn on for an additional 20 minutes, to soothe the baby to sleep Magnets inside the paws means he attaches to cots, whilst colourful, contrasting fabrics, provide sensory stimulation!”

Our testers said “This product defiantly helps children with awkward sleeping patterns. When the sensor senses the babies cry a quiet sound plays to settle them back to sleep. Not only is this a sleeping aid, it’s also a toy for little ones with sensory stimulation which stimulates your babies senses accompanied with patterns and bright colours to encourage play. One thing that needs improving is maybe an easier set up guide to help with the volume!”

We tested plenty of products in this category over the few months, and have also given highly commended awards to:

Nelsons, for their Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules at just £5.85, 2 Mums Ltd for their Dribble Stop Tops at only £13.99, and finally Kinetic Wellbeing, for their Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer at £19.99.

You also have the chance to win The Multy AND a Whisbear the humming Bear on our competition page here

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