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The Perfect Tennis Picnic Treats

The Perfect Tennis Picnic Treats

Heading off to Wimbledon or just going to turn your TV round and watch in the sun from the garden? Then a picnic’s just the thing and we’ve been investigating what special treats to pop in there alongside your main picnic to help keep the munchies at bay for what can be a long day!

1. Corkers Gressingham Duck & Hoisin sauce crisps – Waitrose - £2.19 

These tasty crisps are just the perfect snack for those who love crisps with ‘a difference’. 

2. Tesco Cashew Nuts – Tesco - £2.47 

Snacking on nuts can be very good for you in moderation and cashew nuts have a much lower fat content than other nuts, whilst still containing a good amount of protein.

3. Pork, Mustard and Honey Mini Pie – Waitrose – £0.50

If you’re a pork pie fan, then why not try one of these Port, Mustard and Honey mini pies?  Full of flavour and made with seasoned British pork with mustard and blossom honey, all encased in hot water crust pastry and topped with breadcrumbs.  Delicious!

4. Sainsbury’s All Butter Parmesan Twists and Classic Dip Selection – Sainsburys – Twists £1.70 and Dips £2.50  

These tasty twists are low in fat and salt and are a perfect match for the classic dip selection containing onion and garlic, cheese and chive, soured cream and chive and Thousand Island dips.

5. Tesco Fruit Pots and Salads – Tesco – from £0.48 each  

For a refreshing and healthy treat, then fruit is a must - take a look here at all the different  options to tempt your taste buds!

6. Charles Bentley Oval Wicker Picnic Basket – Buy Direct - £39.99 

Not only is this wicker basket stylish but it also has everything you need to keep your picnic neat and organised! Complete with knives, forks, spoons, plates and glasses for a family of four, the basket even comes with salt and pepper pots plus a handy corkscrew!

And finally, no Wimbledon picnic could be complete without a bottle of fizz!  Why not check out this one:

7. Antoine De Clevecy Non Vintage Brut Champagne – Sainsburys - £14.00 

This delicate but fresh Champagne is a delicate blend of carefully selected wines from the Champagne region and is a must for the Wimbledon picnic hamper!  After all, it’s not every day you get to visit such an auspicious event!

What special treats would be in your perfect tennis picnic?  Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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