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Our Halloween Survey results are in

Our Halloween Survey results are in

We asked our community of parents about Halloween and the results of our survey are in! We can conclusively declare that UK mums and dads are a generous bunch when it comes to the spooky season and aren’t afraid to shell out for trick-or-treaters.

A total of 87.5% of the 1,084 respondents told our survey they would answer the door to Halloween trick-or-treaters with chocolates and treats, while only three of the respondents said they would go with nothing and accept the trick. Some 4% make sure they are out of the house to avoid any door knockers on October 31st.

The survey also found 88% celebrate Halloween in some form, most (71.7%) preferring to dress up in scary outfits. Half (50.2%) of the mums and dads who answered the survey said they didn’t go trick-or-treating when they were younger. Other key findings from the survey reveal:

• The majority (39.9%) spend £10 - £30 celebrating the occasion with party food, outfits, trick-or-treating trips and home accessories.
• Some 4% splash out even more by spending £70 or over on Halloween.
• Two thirds (66.7%) of mums and dads said they let their children go trick-or-treating and the majority (80.9%) go with a parent.
• Young trick-or-treaters tend to stay close to home. Only 6.7% of parents let their children cover more than a few streets. Most call at a few houses (36%) or a few streets (32%).
• Perhaps that’s why only 42% of respondents said they were worried about their child’s safety while trick-or-treating.

Will you be giving generously to trick-or-treaters this Halloween? Let us know over Facebook and Twitter.

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