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The zoo in your living room

The zoo in your living room

Feed the adventurous side to your child’s imagination with Schleich’s Wild Life collection where in four fantastic play worlds children can explore the savannah, dive into an underwater world, discover jungle species and walk through the forest.

There’s a whole host of fun animal characters for children to adore and collect with prices starting from £2.99. Living in the Jungle play world are cheeky monkeys, chatty parrots and a cute panda baby, while foxes, deer and other woodland inhabitants are at home in the Forest category.

In the Safari play world, giraffes and a family of elephants graze on the savannah, while big cats like cheetahs and lions prowl across the territory.

The Big Adventure at the Waterhole set, priced £99.99, includes a massive oasis at the base of a cascading waterfall which forms the central point of the safari world and the place where the animals gather.

Complementing the playset are separate accessories such as Scorpion Cave, Black Mamba Nest and Gerbil in Den which allow children to discover more about dessert wildlife.

The Ice & Ocean category introduces young marine enthusiasts to animals from the North and South Poles, with sets complete with marine mammals and aquatic plants. The Moray Eel Den is covered in corals that can be individually arranged and fire corals that glow in the dark for extra variety and enjoyment.

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