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Things almost as old as Plasticine!

Things almost as old as Plasticine!

After 120 years Plasticine is still a family favourite and many artists’ first choice of modelling material. Below are a few things that are almost as old as Plasticine, (but not quite as fun!)

1. The Motorized Vacuum- invented in 1901 the motorized Vacuum cleaner is 115 years old. Not quite as we know vacuums to look like now, back then it was much bulkier and a lot less portable.

2. The oldest living woman - Susannah Mushatt Jones from America is a whopping 116 years old! It is said that Susannah eats bacon throughout each day and sleep for 10 hours each night.

3. Ford Motor Company - founded 113 years ago by Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company is almost as old as Plasticine! Ford created the mass production techniques that went on to revolutionise the motor car industry

4. Sliced bread Machine - while sliced bread has only been around for just under 90 years the first sliced bread machine was created 104 years ago. Unfortunately it was burnt down in a fire and it took 16 years for another working machine to be created 

5. First controlled aeroplane flight - 113 years ago the Wright brothers made the first controlled, sustained, powered flight. Look how far we have come since then!


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