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Things that are great when they are TINY!

Things that are great when they are TINY!

There’s never been a truer phrase than “good things come in small packages” when it come to the new Tonka Tinys range. Here at UKMums.TV we just cannot get enough of all things tiny and have put together a short list of small things we love, read it below…

1. Tiny cupcakes

Treat yourself! A teeny little cupcake is perfect for those who have a bit of a sweet tooth and love a treat after lunch. Here at the UKMums.TV tiny cupcakes have been going down a storm and because they are so small it means we can have one in EVERY flavour, right?!

2. Babies shoes

There is nothing more adorable that your little bubba’s first pair of shoes! They are so tiny and cute and we just cannot get enough of them!

3. Miniature Mico Pigs

Without a doubt miniature is definitely better when it comes to pigs, less mess, less noise and more cuteness! This special breed of pig is so small they can sometimes even fit in a teacup!

4. Miniature Arts and Crafts

The internet has been taken by storm and flooded with images of miniatures art projects! You’ll have to have a steady hand if you’re planning to take on any miniature designs anytime soon though!

5. Tonka Tinys

How could a list of all things Tiny be complete if we don’t include the best tiny toy around – Tonka Tinys! This toy definitely proves that everything’s better in miniature form!

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