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Things that go well together aren’t always the same.

Things that go well together aren’t always the same.

This month UKMums.TV is looking at a brand new TV show for younger children called Kazoops. In this unique new show, the lead character, Monty, uses his vivid imagination to challenge everyday preconceptions. So as part of our Kazoops takeover, we’re having a look at how Monty teaches children to embrace their individuality with none other than… odd socks!

In the Matching Socks episode of Kazoops, Monty’s dad Stan is setting up the camera to take a family photo and he’s asked everyone to wear blue so they all match. Monty can’t find one of his blue socks, and his sister Jeanie doesn’t want to wear blue because her favourite colour is black.

All of the fuss makes Monty wonder why socks even need to match at all, and along with his pet pig Jimmy Jones, he imagines a world where nothing matches. They travel into space and discover that many things that go well together don’t look the same, like bread and butter, pirates and parrots and even Monty and Jimmy Jones themselves!

When the pair returns home, Monty tells his dad that even though his socks don’t match, they still go well together. The family finally take their photo, wearing things that show off their individuality!

What UKMums.TV thinks

As parents, we can often fuss over minute details unnecessarily and Kazoops highlights how much more fun life would be if we all took a few seconds to see life as imaginatively and creatively as children do!

We can all relate to Stan who wants everyone to match and look presentable, but matching socks really are a trivial problem! Monty has made us realise that individuality should be encouraged and not stifled and even simple things such as clothing can be a way for kids to express their personality.

After watching the show, children will realise for themselves that it’s okay to be different and that if they want to do something differently to their friends and family then that is okay too.

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