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Things to do in Edinburgh.

Things to do in Edinburgh.

As we’re now well into the holiday season, takes a look at things you can do in Edinburgh.

Visit the Edinburgh castle. This large and relaxing castle can provide not only the perfect day out but is also a great great tourist attraction, holding a variety of events throughout the year

Edinburgh Film Festival. If you’re a film lover, then you have to get yourself down to the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Showing a variety of films from around the globe, this festival is fantastic for seeing not only films from different cultures, but shorter and more personal films from already highflying writers and directors.



Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. The Camera obscura is a fantastic place for a family to visit on 

a day of trips around Edinburgh. The unique experience has intrigued and enlightened people for over 150 years, with lots of fascinating and funny illusions to add to the experience.





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