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This week UKMUMS TV is loving Irish Fairy Doors

This week UKMUMS TV is loving Irish Fairy Doors

Every now and then a press release hits our desks that makes us think – “wow” and this week one such new product has come to our notice that we want to shout about …and that’s the Iirsh Fairy Doors!

So…What are Irish Fair Doors?

Just like their name suggests Irish Fairy Doors are made in Ireland and are decorative little doors for any room. From these doors however magical things can happen as behind them there is a  land where fairies dwell.

What could be better than to invite a fairy into your home and the hearts of your children? If you agree with us, then The Irish Fairy Door Company has just what you need with this range of high quality, handmade wooden fairy doors. They really do provide a wholesome journey into fantasy and imagination that can sometimes be missing in our child’s world of high tech and modern thinking.

Of course Fairies are not averse to using a little modern technology themselves and once in place the creative team at Fairy HQ ensures direct access to Fairy Valley, so the magic continues long after the fairy has moved in – with ongoing magical messages, play ideas and stories delivered to children and parents who register their fairy’s name on the website, via email and an app.

The exquisite fairy doors, are available in a variety of colours and styles (RRP £20). There are also stunning vinyl decals and add-ons, such as fairy doormats and washing lines with either male or female clothing, available to enhance the fairy home from just £3.99.

If you want to take a trip into Fairyland with your children the range is available to buy from various high street stores including Boots, Fenwicks, Bentalls and Party Pieces along with many independent toy shops throughout the UK or online at


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