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Three meals from one chicken

Three meals from one chicken

Here we bring you a guide on how to make three days’ worth of dinners out of just one large chicken. These suggestions are all tasty and guaranteed to save you time and money. What’s not to like?!

Day 1: Roast Chicken

Roast a large chicken complete with stuffing and chipolatas like a mini Christmas dinner. Ensure there are plenty of left overs and save some of the gravy for day two. After it’s cooled, separate the left over chicken into dark and white meat.

Day 2: Chicken Pot Pie

Use the dark meat, which is the tastiest, to make a chicken pot pie. All you need are some spring vegetables, blanched (leeks, carrots and mushrooms are our favourites), a little of the left over gravy, a teaspoon of tarragon and some puff pastry. Ideally use four large ramekins or small pie dishes and mix the vegetables and chopped chicken. Then warm the gravy which is enriched with the tarragon and add a pastry top. Bake in the oven until piping hot and the pastry is puffed and golden.

Day 3: Chicken and Sweetcorn Baked Potatoes

Everyone loves a baked potato and these are simple and nutritious. Chop the left over breast meat into small chunks, add a drained tin of sweetcorn and then mix in some chopped red peppers. All it needs is one large tablespoon of mayonnaise and a sprinkling of salt and pepper and you have a really tasty topping for your potatoes! Yum!

There you have it, three days’ worth of meals out of just one chicken! Do you have any recipe ideas? Share your family favourites with other parents over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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