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Three meals from one Sunday Joint

Three meals from one Sunday Joint

It’s not just funds, it’s time that we’re short of - which is why, when planning your Sunday roast, it’s good to think about the leftovers, too.  Here are our ideas of how one joint can stretch to three tasty meals, each very different and hiding the fact that you’re eating the same thing over and over.

1. First of all, buy as big a leg of lamb as you can.

On Sunday, roast the normal way. 
Make sure your vegetables are a main part of the lunch as you want this leg to go a long way and, in any case, it’s healthier that way! So, think about roast parsnips, carrots and cauliflower which go lovely with lamb gravy and, of course, the ubiquitous peas! Serving with a Yorkshire pud also gives more substance and why not add mint jelly to the gravy to really sweeten it up?

2. For Monday, turn the leftovers into a tasty lamb curry.

We suggest you make this on Sunday evening to give it 24 hours to develop the flavour and become really yummy.

Cut away the remaining meat from the bone and separate into two, with one portion being larger for the curry and the other for Tuesday’s meal.

All you need are peppers, carrots, mushroom and onions. Cut them chunky and sweat them off in olive oil.  Add cumin, coriander and curry powder to your own taste.  Everyone has a curry recipe so follow your instincts and let the spices sweat in the vegetables.  Now add the meat, 2 tins of tomatoes and half a jar of mango chutney.  Allow to cook on the stove top for 45 minutes and then refrigerate until the next day.  On Monday, give this a long slow cook in the oven at 160 degrees for two hours.  The meat will be soft and succulent as well as lovely and spicy.  Serve with rice.

3. Then, on Tuesday, it’s lamb kebabs.

You know those lovely Gyros you get in Greece?  They are very easy to replicate with leftover lamb and flatbreads.  Slice the rest of the lamb thinly and coat liberally in cumin.  Slowly roast until crispy - add salad and tzatziki to a flat bread and roll.  Lovely!

Next month we will make magic happen with a joint of beef!

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