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Time for Coffee.

Time for Coffee.

Here at UkMums.TV, we get through a lot of Coffee! Here is a rundown of some of our favourite Coffee Shops.

Whether it is for an early morning pick me up, or for a break during the day, all of us at UkMums.TV love our coffee. Here is a list of a few of our favourites!

Costa Coffee: Possibly our favourite here at UkMums.TV, Costa offers a variety of teas, coffees, hot chocolates and also iced drinks! Although, be careful! We find that Costa occasionally make their coffee’s too hot – although that can be down to personal preference.

Starbucks: Similar to Costa, Starbucks also boasts a large product range, and a high quality of coffee. Although Starbucks may seem a tad pricey, the coffee Frappuccino has proven to be a hit here at UKMums.TV!

Caffe Nero: What Nero lack in ever so slightly smaller variety of drinks, they make up with in their loyalty scheme. Buying 9 coffees of any type and getting a 10th one for free!

McDonalds: Although McDonalds offer a smaller range of coffees – We still felt as though they deserved a mention, with their cheap(er) and cheerful coffee! What we especially like is their loyalty card! Buy 6 hot drinks and get a 7th one for free!

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