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Timeless Style Tips!

Timeless Style Tips!

Following trends and looking ‘of the moment’ is fun, but it’s even more important to understand the style rules that stand the test of time. Classic fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel aren’t revered today because they were fashion victims who only wore the latest clothes. Instead, they understood basic, indisputable fashion rules and how to use them!

We’ve looked at timeless style and fashion tips that will stand the test of time, take a look below;




1. The Little Black Dress

If you only learn one thing from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, let this be it. Ever since Audrey Hepburn sported that iconic

raven Givenchy frock, the LBD has become a closet staple for every woman. You don’t have to spend a fortune for one that looks amazing, you’ll find some fabulous ones at retailers such as Topshop or H&M!



 2. Large Dark Sunglasses

 Another style lesson you can learn from the movies - big, fabulous, dark sunglasses are your best friend    during dire fashion emergencies. Didn't get enough sleep? Don't feel like putting makeup on? Sunglasses    are a quick, easy fix. No one has to know about your late night! Even better, they always add a dash of      sophisticated glamor to any look.If you simply want to feel a little more like a star, slip on a dark pair of                                              shades and some pearls and do your best Jackie O impression.


 3. Camel Coat

Another staple for every woman’s wardrobe is the Camel coat. It goes with simply everything and emulates class and style. 

Wear with an oversized bag, smart tailored trousers and a pair of brogues for that extra special finish.



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