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Tips for a safe walk to school

Tips for a safe walk to school

Walking to school especially with friends can be fun, so we have put together some tips for a safe walk to school.

Only 25% of children walk to school now compared to 86% in 1971!
Letting your kids walk to school is not only fun, reduces the amount of cars on the road, adds to their daily exercise but can also make them feel grown up, independant and responsible. With the lighter mornings and afternoons now is as good a time as any to tackle those nerves and give it a go even if you only start with a one way trip for now!

Follow our tips to make sure they get to and from school safe.
• Get them to walk with a friend/s wherever possible
• Pick the safest route for them to avoid any dangers and make sure they stick to that route
• Walk sensibly with no pushing or shoving
• Never ever accept lift’s from strangers
• Be seen, wear bright coloured clothes so that drivers can see you well
• Take time when crossing the road, make sure you look properly and only cross when the road is clear and keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing
• Use pedestrian crossings wherever possible

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