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Tips for Camping with Kids

Tips for Camping with Kids

Camping with the family can make cost effective holidays where memories are created and treasured for life. Whether you’re planning your first family camping holiday, or you’re a seasoned camper taking children with you for the first time, here’s our advice to help you along on what can be a daunting experience.

Before you leave:

Do a trial run

If your kids have never been camping before, it’s a good idea to see how they take to sleeping outdoors before you leave. Pitch your tent up in the garden to see how they cope sleeping outdoors. At least they’re close to home should they not like it.

Do your homework

Find out about the campsite you plan to visit and what facilities they have to keep young ones entertained during your stay. It’s also a good idea to look into what attractions there are nearby.

Make space

Make sure your tent has plenty of space for all the extra equipment that comes with kids. That tent for two might not do!

While camping:

Set ground rules

Ensure children are told how to behave to make your life easier, such as shoes off before they go in the tent and no wandering into the woods alone. Also, don’t forget to warn them of hazards around the campsite.

Think lighting
Keep lanterns and kids head torches handy as camping can be very dark and scary.

Keep active

Make sure you’re busy in the day so the kids are tired out and more likely to sleep soundly at night.
We hope you find this advice comes in handy as you prepare to set off with your tent this summer. For more tips visit the Mountain Warehouse website here.

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