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Tips for first time mums to be

Tips for first time mums to be

Being a mum for the first time can be scary so read our top tips to help calm your nerves and keep it real.

1. Stretch marks don’t matter but go ahead and slather yourself in lotions and potions for the next 9 months. It will make you feel good if nothing else. We love Fushi Really Good Stretch Mark Oil. Formulated by using an innovative in-house infusing technology and packed full of essential oils which strengthen skin to help it heal faster, the blend will also effectively tone and promote skin elasticity. We promise you it really works! No grease, no over-powering smells and it doesn’t break the bank!

2. Become a Yoga expert. We love Yoga Bellies, a DVD full of sequences specially designed for pregnant women to help them unwind and relax.

3. For the next two years, you will feel like you have a constant hangover. Don't worry, go with it, even try to enjoy it - it will get better

4. There are only two things any new parent to be needs to know 1. Its fine to make mistakes as your child will be OK. 2. Buy a dish washer.

5. Stock up on tissues. Keeping a box handy in every room to mop up nasty spillages.

6. Ignore anything anyone says if they had a baby more than two years ago as they won't remember it clearly.

7. Prepare yourself for Tiger moms and remember it isn’t a competition. Children do their own things, in their own time.

8. Remind your partner that, just because you are housing the baby it doesn’t mean you know what you are doing. You will both be in the same     boat, with the same information and screaming baby.

9. When baby sleeps, you sleep!

10. "This baby is going to fit in to our life and we'll carry on as normal"- You’re wrong. Get ready for it.


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