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Tips to keep your little one safe this winter!

Tips to keep your little one safe this winter!

When temperatures drop, children need to be safe from all things that could occur in the colder weather. As mums, we know that it’s important to make sure your child is safe at all times, so here’s a couple of tips to protect your children when the thermometer dips.

1. Dress children and babies in more than one layer of clothing

Putting several layers of clothing on you children can prevent them from loosing heat from all over their body. It’s also handy for unlayering as you go inside!

2. Use sun cream

Did you know that you can still burn in the winter? Sun can reflect off snow or puddles, even if it is freezing! So make sure you apply sun cream to your little one’s face at all times.

3. Watch for danger signs!

Look out for signs of frostbite which include pale, grey or blistered skin on the fingers, ears, nose and toes. If you think your child has frostbite bring the child indoors and put the affected area in luke warm (not hot water).

4. Keep kids hydrated

In drier winter air children loose more water through their breath. Keep them drinking and try giving them hot drinks and soup for extra warmth!

5. Make sure your little one takes a break after playing in cold

Most accidents happen when kids are tired from tugging through the snow and the colder temperatures also contribute to slowing down things in their body. Encourage your little one to come inside atleast once an hour to warm up, fuel up and change any wet clothing!

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