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Top 10 facts about bubbles

Top 10 facts about bubbles

To celebrate the new Giant Gazillion Bubbles range, which gives kids the ultimate bubble experience, we bring you the top 10 fascinating facts all about bubbles. Have a read and learn something that might just surprise you!

1. Record breaking bubbles

Gazillion Bubbles won a place in the Guinness World Record book for the most people blowing bubbles at the same time. An astonishing 34,529 bubble blowers met across 198 venues around the UK for the big event in 2007. That’s a lot of bubbles!

2. Bubbles In space

Did you know that bubbles can’t form in space due to lack of exterior pressure? However, astronauts can have fun with bubbles inside a pressurised spaceship.

3. Bursting bubbles

Bubbles burst because water molecules evaporate. It’s a shame because they look so beautiful, but they can be frozen in the right conditions!

4. Pop, pop, pop

Here’s an interesting fact: Right before a bubble pops, its soapy skin is only a miniscule one-millionth of an inch thick!

5. Go Square

Bubbles don’t have to be round! Did you know you can blow square bubbles by blowing a bubble in the middle of six bubbles. The middle one will have equal pressure from six sides, creating a cube. Who knew?

6. Deadly Bubbles

You probably wouldn’t think bubbles can make good weapons, but amazingly bubbles are used by Snapping Shrimp to kill their prey by creating a bubble that immediately collapses creating a shock wave that, for a moment, is nearly as hot as the sun!

7. Heavy deal

Did you know that in 2005 someone blew a bubble so big that if it had been filled with water, it would have held 788 gallons, that is 788 milk jugs full, and it would have weighed more than three tons!

8. Long bubble

A man in New Zealand blew an extremely lengthy bubble that reached an astonishing 105ft long in 1996, using a special bubble wand and a homemade bubble solution of soap, water, and glycerine!

9. A historic pastime

Bubbles have been around for an extremely long time. Children are thought to have been blowing bubbles for at least 400 years! Gazillion Bubbles has been on the scene for 13 of those!

10. The all-important solution

It won't work if you try to blow a bubble with water alone. The surface tension in plain water is too strong for bubbles to last for any length of time! The Gazillion bubbles solution is the best around and now with the option of the blue Giant Bubble solution you can create bigger bubbles still!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our round-up of fun bubble facts!

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