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Top 5 Baking Tools

Top 5 Baking Tools

Are you dreaming of becoming the next star of Bake Off? Create showstoppers at home with our favourite cake making and decorating tools. Bring out your inner Mary Berry with these cookery aids for whipping up stunning cakes and desserts that are sure to delight your family and friends.

1. Anti-Gravity Pouring Cake Kit – Available from Lakeland priced £9.99

This Anti-Gravity Pouring Cake Kit makes the seemingly impossible possible. With fantastic illusions possible at your fingertips, whether building a torrent of truffles or stream of sweets, your creation will be the centrepiece of any party.

2. Pyrex Magic Cakes Tin - £9.74

Create perfectly filled cupcakes with immaculate consistency across each batch with a Pyrex Magic Cakes Tin. There’s no messy scooping out or wasted ingredients, and they allow for neat and easy filling!

3. Jane Asher’s Kitchen collection ramekins – Available from Poundland priced £1.00 each

Bargain-hunting bakers will love Jane Asher’s Kitchen range which offers colourful baking equipment and accessories in trendy pastels that will suit any kitchen. The ramekins, both practical and stylish, are UKMums.TV favourites and just £1.00 for two from Poundland!

4. 12 Wilton Martini Cake Toppers – Available from Lakeland priced £4.99

Infuse your cupcakes with a favourite tipple using these fab Martini Cake Toppers, which double up as fantastic decorations for your miniature cakes. The perfect way to pair martinis and cakes, they’re sure to wow guests at your next cocktail party!

5. Cook’s Blowtorch in chrome - Available from ProCook priced £18

Bake like a pro with this blowtorch which adds the perfect finishing touch to crème brulees, tarte tatins and meringues. Featuring a safety nozzle and anti-flare flame, you’ll soon be wondering how you lived without one.

And finally …

Serve up your creations with Tesco’s new Tea and Treats baking range offering items priced from £2.00. We adore the (6) desserts plates (£12.00 set of 4)  which are made of stoneware with scalloped edging. They’re microwave and dishwasher safe, too!

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