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Top 5 Chocolate Apple Toppings

Top 5 Chocolate Apple Toppings

There's so much you can do with an apple than simply dunking it in a toffee coating. So we have put together a favourite 5 toppings you should try this Halloween and instead of toffee why not opt for Chocolate as we have.







1.  Mini Marshmallows

Use the really tiny marshmallows to decorate your chocolate apples. You can find them by the hot chocolate in your super market. Itty-bitty marshmallows not only are adorable, but the perfect size to cover any sticky apple with. They instantly melt in your mouth with each bite of the apple.

2.  Sprinkles

You can be themed and use Halloween sprinkles, autumn colours or decorate with the rainbow of colours. Cover the whole apple or just half with the pretty sprinkles. They're crunchy, sweet and make your apples look beautiful.

3.  Crushed Pretzels

For sweet-salty combination, try crushing pieces of pretzels to coat the outside of your chocolate coated apple. You can use thin pretzel sticks, thick pretzel sticks or knot-shaped pretzels. Dip the chocolate apple in these salty treats for a crunchy, sweet, salty and delicious apple.

4. Toffee Popcorn

Combine toffee and Chocolate to your apples by adding crunchy toffee popcorn. Each bite is a little salty and super-sweet. You'll also love the contrast in textures with the melt in your mouth chocolate coating, crisp apple and softer popcorn.

5. White Chocolate

The best topping to last and certainly my favourite is a milk chocolate apple drizzled with white chocolate. I love the presentation and overall flavour of these apples although very sweet. Melted white chocolate in a drizzled form is beautiful and sometimes too pretty to eat, but that hesitancy doesn't last long!

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