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Top 5 keep warm products

Top 5 keep warm products

It’s coming up to the colder season, so it’s time to think about piling on the layers and making your family even warmer. There are a range of new clothing, home products and gadgets for keeping warm on the market and we’ve chosen a few of our favourites for all the family.

1. Swaddle Up Warm – Available from priced from £19.99
This 2.5 tog sleepsuit is perfect for keeping babies and toddlers snug and cosy for the colder months. It’s quilted from the chest downwards and padded with breathable, natural bamboo layer. It’s also unique on the market as it enables little ones to sleep comfortably in their natural sleep position, with their arms up!

2. Weird Fish clothing hat, scarf and wrist warmers – Available from Weird Fish from £15.00

The retailer Weird Fish Clothing has launched a new winter collection complete with fab looking knitwear that’s perfect for wrapping up warm. We love the tassel scarf (£28), hat (£15) and wrist warmers (£15) in attractive patterns, great for adding warming colours to your winter wardrobe!

3. Cordless Heat Pod – Available from Lakeland priced £39.99

Check out this Cordless Heat Pod as a brilliant alternative to your trusted hot water bottle. There’s no need for boiling water, so no risk of scalding or of it leaking, and it takes just five minutes to fully charge. You’ll love the gorgeous feel of the faux fur cover, too!

4. Firemizer – Available from priced £19.99

If you have a wood burner or open fire, here’s a device that will make your home even cosier. The Firemizer promises savings on fuel use and emissions, plus it will make your fire look more attractive with flames that look even bigger. It can last for 500 burning hours, too, well worth the £19.99 price in our opinion!

5. Zippo 6 Hour Hand Warmer – Available from Whitby and Co priced £19.95

This compact hand warmer solves the problem of chilly mitts at winter. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?! Its size makes it perfect for carrying around in your handbag, ready for when you need it, and it features an easy filling process. We think it’s gorgeous in the pearl colour!

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