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Top 5 Pancake Day Gadgets

Top 5 Pancake Day Gadgets

Pancake Day doesn’t have to mean mess and endless attempts at achieving the perfect pancake. With our top 5 Pancake Day Gadgets pancake making can be enjoyed by the whole family!

1. Kitchen Craft Colourworks Jumbo Food Turner - currently priced at £4.99 on Amazon

Lifting and flipping pancakes and crêpes without them breaking or falling apart is tricky. However, with its angled stainless steel handle and large flexible head, the Kitchen Craft Colourworks Jumbo Food Turner slides underneath them with no problems!


2. Norpro Heart Pancake Rings - currently priced at £8.99 on Amazon

Make homemade pancakes in the shape of hearts. The wooden handles fold down for easy storage.

3. Find Me a Gift Heart Frying Pan - £2.99

If you've got a heart full of love, why not use this cute heart frying pan to serve up heart-shaped pancakes. Whether you're looking to be romantic or simply spread a little joy, this heart pan is a great kitchen accessory.

4. Lakeland Non-Stick Crêpe Pan - £17.26

Cook pancakes without oil or any risk of sticking. With heat-resistant, rubberised handles, this pan feels lovely to use and has an easy-clean, non-stick exterior.

5. Lakeland Crêpe Maker - £89.99

Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savoury pancakes and crêpes, this table-top crêpe maker lets you sit down with friends and family for a make-your-own meal with a difference. It comes with a ladle, spreader and spatula as well as three different silicone moulds for making perfectly formed pancake and crêpe creations for everyone around the table.


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