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Top 5 Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Top 5 Places to Visit in the Caribbean

It’s Notting Hill Carnival this month and here at UKMums.TV we’re celebrating all things Caribbean. The West Indies make fantastic holiday destinations if you’re dreaming of an island get-away for the autumn break. Our pick of favourites are among the top Caribbean destinations featured by TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice.

1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
When it comes to Caribbean beaches, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic has it all. Miles of white sand? Tick. Coconut trees? Tick. And clear turquoise waters? Tick, tick, tick! With plenty of affordable all-inclusive resorts, you’re sure to find accommodation to suit your budget.


2. Montego Bay, Jamaica
Jamaica is famous for its reggae music and stunning scenery. And Montego Bay has something to satisfy every traveller’s wish for a Caribbean holiday, whether sampling the Jamaican nightlife, soaking up the island tranquillity, or taking in the sea snorkelling.

3. Havana, Cuba
Cuba’s capital, Havana, is bursting with culture. Tourists to the city shouldn’t miss a walk of El Malecón, the walkway bordering the ocean, a visit to Old Havana and the Catedral de San Cristóbal. Plus, if any of your family are into their cars, they’ll love to check out the vintage American vehicles.

4. Palm Beach, Aruba
Water sports enthusiasts will adore Palm Beach in Aruba for its ideal swimming conditions, and keen divers will want to explore the wreck of the torpedoed tanker Pedernales, a popular diving site. On land, Aruba is easily explored by bike or moped as it’s only 20 miles long!

5. Grand Case, Saint Martin
Foodies will love Grand Case in Saint Martin which is renowned for its gourmet cuisine. Situated in a northern crook on the French side of Saint Martin, you can tuck into a decadent French meal before wrapping up the culinary experience with a sip of local rum. What better way to enjoy the Caribbean!

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