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Top 5 things that are better with NEON

Top 5 things that are better with NEON

Where would we be without neon colours to brighten up our lives and lift our mood? We’ve teamed up with specialist scooter maker Yvolution and their new NEON range to bring you this list of top 5 things that are better in neon. Just like Yvolution’s NOEN scooters, skates and skateboards they’re all guaranteed to add fun and vibrancy to your life.

1. Nail Polish

No need for expensive acrylics and gels to make a statement, a simple bottle of neon nail varnish guarantees nails with impact. We love the contrast of neon yellow teamed with black, as demonstrated here.

2. Scooters and skateboard

For wheels with the wow factor, Yvolution’s new NEON range offers brightly coloured scooters and skateboards in bold and trendy neon reds, blues and greens. They’re no ordinary scooter and youngsters will be the envy of their pals as they take to the outdoors in style. Find out more here

3. Party decorations

Nothing says fun like a party with neon, think florescent balloons, banners, streamers and colourful accessories on guests. Neon turns an ordinary house party into a rave and an event your party-goers are bound to remember. How gorgeous does this party décor look?

4. Neon room lights

There are lights and then there are neon lights with added va va voom and wow factor! Neon room lights are a common home accessory which make vibrant additions to any interior and a refreshing change to the humble lamp, as this bedroom Love Me sign shows.

5. Socks

Who doesn’t love crazy, bright-coloured socks! Your toes deserve more than boring black, grey, or navy, don’t they? Jazz up your feet while keeping them cosy. Neon socks let your bright and bold personality shine through under your shoes.

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