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Top 5 winter get-aways in Europe

Top 5 winter get-aways in Europe

As it’s nearing winter, it’s the ideal time to take a short continental break before the rush of the festivities have you in a spin. Here you’ll find a selection of places to consider that are only a short flight away from the UK.

1. Tromso, Norway

You’ve probably heard of the Northern Lights, but have you considered how easy it is to see them at winter time? The natural light show, Aurora Borealis, is seen from Tromsco in Norway where it can be enjoyed in all its spectacular glory from September to March.

2. Vienna, Austria

Get into the festive spirit early with a trip to Austria and one of the country’s famous Christmas markets. Think seasonal treats and handcrafted wares fit for bringing back home as presents for family and friends. The stunning scenery offers a truly memorable backdrop.

3. Venice, Italy

For a post-Christmas get-away, consider Venice which celebrates Carnivale in February. The masquerade balls are a spectacle to behold with plenty of live music and open air events to keep visitors young and old entertained.

4. Crete, Greece

Soak up winter sun in Crete where the weather stays hot for longer due to the island’s southerly position in Europe. Dodge the winter showers and snow here in the UK with this destination which is perfect for enjoying the last rays of summer sunshine. You’re also likely to find fabulous deals at this time of year as it’s out of season, an added bonus!

5. The Alps

Check out the Alps, Europe’s most extensive mountain range for skiing activities to suit all members of the family and ability levels. It’s a great way to spend time with the family and enjoy that all-important snow you’ve been dreaming of at winter time! There is a range of resorts to choose from, too.

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