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Top Alternatives to Christmas Turkey

Top Alternatives to Christmas Turkey

How many of us are bored of traditional turkey at Christmas? It’s brought out year after year and eaten as left-overs for what feels like an eternity well into the New Year in sandwiches and curries. Plus, it’s so difficult to get right, with a rubbery texture when it’s over-done. We know what that’s like here at UKMums.TV, so we’ve checked out a range of recipes so you can try something different this Christmas as your centrepiece dish. Who knows, your new choice might make a regular appearance at Christmas!


Who doesn’t love a good joint a beef, whether your preference is well-done, medium or rare! There are so many festive options out there. The key is to make it ultra-special for Christmas, in the words of celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: “Not just any old beef, mind, but a massive, well-aged, beautifully marbled joint of roast beef on the bone.” Check out his ‘perfect roast beef Christmas lunch recipe’ here.


Why not go pig heavy for your Christmas lunch? Pigs in blankets are always a hit, so why not double up on the gorgeous meaty flavour with a whole one? It would make a fantastic centre-piece, just think of the amazing banquets from Tudor times complete with an apple in its mouth! It’s a sight your guests are sure to remember. For a less dramatic alterative, we adore this Honey Glazed Ham recipe from Gordon Ramsey.

Veggie Pie

Forget the nut roast for veggies this Christmas! Check out this Fresh Savoy, Red Onion & Egg Pie recipe from BBC Good Food for inspiration. It’s a real people-pleaser! We’re willing to bet that hard and fast meat-eaters will be desperate for a slice of this pie, too!
We hope this has inspired you for this year’s festive feast. Let us know whether you’re trying something different to turkey for this year’s Christmas Day feast over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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