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Top cameras to spy on your pet!

Top cameras to spy on your pet!

Do you ever wonder what your pets get up to whilst you are away? With our top pet cameras you can be sure that your pet is safe when you’re not around!

1. electriQ HD Wifi Pet Monitoring Pan £36.00 

This great value pet camera allows you to keep an eye on your pets wherever you are via your smartphone. The HD camera can be controlled to move left, right, up or down, so you can follow your pets around the room and see exactly what they’re up to!

2. Samsung Additional Remote Pan Tilt £89.99 

This camera includes a temperature sensor built into the camera unit so that you can check room conditions at a glance. The camera also features a two way audio function, night light and true IR night vision!

3. MOTOROLA Focus 85 Wireless Home Security Camera £64.99 

The Focus 85 records constantly and saves 15 seconds of footage whenever movement is detected. It then sends a notification to your phone so you can either take control of the camera and view a live stream, or review the captured footage – how technological!

4. Nest Cam Security Camera – Twin Pack £269.99

The Nest indoor cam is designed to watch over your home and family – even when you can’t. Nest cam can even use your phone’s location – to know when you’re away too! With 24/7 live streaming, advanced Night Vision, motion and sound alerts; Nest Cam can help you look after your home from anywhere!

5. Clever Dog Smart Camera WiFi Monitor £23.95 

The Clever Dog is an easy to use Smart Camera that allows you to remotely monitor you home. It also allows you to connect with your family and friends using the built-in microphone and loudspeaker using the Clever Dog app!

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