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Top Craft Kits for Kids

Top Craft Kits for Kids

The school summer holidays are upon us and the challenge of keeping the children occupied throughout is soon to begin. If you need some inspiration for fun activities to keep the “I’m bored” at bay, we’ve taken a look at some of our favourite craft kits for them to enjoy.

1. Cool Cardz Scratcheez - £19.99
The kids can have a go at making their very own personalised cards with Cool Cardz Scratcheez! Add secret messages for friends to reveal or use the Boho Chic handbag design studio to laminate the cards. Perfect for making party invitations or secret club cards for their friends!

2. 3D Magic Construction Set - £10.00 
For boys, this set allows them to create 3D designs using the magic gels and UV Creation Station. They can make anything from helicopters to houses and will love to watch as the creation station cures the gel so that all the pieces can be stuck together!

3. Felt Bear Sewing Kit - £2.00 
If your kids want to try their hand at sewing, this Felt Bear Sewing Kit is made especially for children to have a go at sewing. The kit contains clear instructions, pre-cut pieces of felt stuffing thread and decorations to help them bring their bear to life!

4. Rainbow Flower Windmill Kits (pack of 6) - £3.49
Your little ones can add a pop of colour to the garden by making their own rainbow windmills! The windmills are easy to make and don’t require any glue, so you don’t have to worry about any mess, and the final designs are sure to look great as they spin round in your garden.

And finally, coming soon…

5. Cut It Out Design Studio
Here’s one to look forward to! The Cut It Out Design Studio will be out at the end of July and kids can be ready to create countless, cool designs using the innovative pen that allows them to cut and draw on the paper at the same time - the possibilities are endless!

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