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Top Early Learning Toys

Top Early Learning Toys

Toys may be used for a number of educational purposes and most complement learning as interacting with and learning about the world. A development toy should educate, instruct, promote intellectual growth and teach emotional and physical development. Here’s our top 5 toys which will help your little one discover new skills.

1. Cupcake Dice Game available from Amazon RRP £7.50

These games are great as they come in a handy bag. Each pack comes with three chunky dice and three icons to win. The Cupcake Dice Game makes practising maths easy!

2. Move & Groove available from RRP £15.99

The Move & Groove game is perfect for toddlers. Designed to inspire movement, creativity and laughter, this game is the fun way to introduce the basics of game play. Players can use their imagination while improving balance, coordination and flexibility.

3. Three Little Piggies Puzzle Game available from Amazon RRP £19.99

This compact and cute game is the perfect way to help little ones learn reason and logic while keeping them and the whole family entertained. The Three Little Piggies game is educational with 48 challenges per book for hours of entertainment.

4. LeapStart Senior available from Smyths Toys Superstore RRP £31.99

LeapStart is the perfect gift if you’re looking for an all-in-one learning system that will help to build kids educational and social skills. This system works intuitively with a library of 16 activity books across four learning levels. Teaching your child 50+ key skills from the alphabet to the 123s, and to space science and basic coding, this is the perfect development product for your little one!

5. BKids Spray ‘n Play available from RRP £12.99

This BKids Spray ‘n Play bath toy is sure to make a splash! It forms part of the beautiful, bold and bubbly BKids bath toy range of floating fountains, temperature testers and even a basketball based toy, to name just a few, ranging in price from £3.99-£16.99.

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