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Top Healthy Lunchbox Fillers

Top Healthy Lunchbox Fillers

Sometimes it can seem difficult to make sure your little ones’ lunchboxes are full of healthy options as well as finding a variety of foods each day for them to enjoy. We’ve picked out some tasty snacks that are perfect for putting in a school lunchbox!

1. Kiddylicious Super Snacks - 70p each 

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to crisps, these snacks from Kiddylicious are the perfect pick. The snacks are lentil, quinoa and chickpea crisps, meaning that they are packed with nutrition and are high in protein. Not only that, they taste great too!

2. Hartley’s No Added Sugar Jelly Pots - 50p each 

These jelly pots have no added sugar and are the perfect size for popping inside a lunchbox. The jelly comes in a variety of flavours and there’s no need for it to be kept cool. Hartley’s have also launched a multi-pack variant of the no added sugar jelly so you can stock up!

3. Tesco Watermelon Wedges - £2.50 

Fruit is the best option when it comes to healthy snacks and if you’re looking for something a little different for the kids why not pack them some watermelon? Just make sure that the watermelon wedges are kept cool and the kids can enjoy a crisp, fruity treat.

4. KIND Bars - £1.29

KIND snack bars are simply made of fruit and nuts, all bound together in honey. The bars have unique, delicious flavour combinations and with loads of different flavours to choose from there’s bound to be one your kids will like.

5. Waitrose Mini Breadsticks - £1.00 

These mini breadsticks can be bundled into a freezer bag and packed into a lunchbox as a lunchtime snack for your kids. They’re crispy, tasty and low in calories and you could even pack them with a healthy dip such as hummus.

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