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Top Low Cal Ice Creams

Top Low Cal Ice Creams

As the weather hots up you might be tempted to turn to the freezer for an ice-cream to cool you down. A no-go area if you’re watching your figure? Not necessarily! With our pick of low calorie ice-cream alternatives, you too can indulge in a cooling summer treat.

1. Avocado Ice-Cream
Avocados are the new buzz word in health, but we never expected to see the green fruit make it as a dessert.  However, with a little added sugar and cream the humble avocado becomes a tasty ice-cream, retaining its creaminess with added sweetness. It’s full of fibre and vitamins, too!


2. Fruit and Yoghurt Cone
Here’s one for when you’re next suffering from an ice-cream craving: why not fool yourself into thinking you’re tucking in when you’re not by filling a cone with fruit instead! Complete the illusion with lashings of yoghurt on top. You won’t feel you’re missing out when others are indulging.

3. Red Velvet Cheese Cake Ice-Cream
Here at UKMums.TV, we love the look of this guilt-free red velvet dessert. Made with cottage cheese and beetroot puree for colour, with stevia sugar substitute and vanilla and butter for added flavour, this ice-cream is scrumptious yet sugar-free, low-carb and high in protein.

4. Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt
This yummy frozen yoghurt is quick and easy to make, plus it’s totally fat-free! By whizzing chopped strawberries in a food processor, and stirring in condensed milk and Greek yoghurt before freezing, you’ll have an intensely fruity treat close to hand. What isn’t there to like?

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