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Top mini toiletries for the changing bag

Top mini toiletries for the changing bag

From teethers and nappies to skin care and clothing we have the perfect selection of accessories to include in your changing bag. Here’s our guide to bits and pieces you’ll need to take to make changing your baby’s nappy and general life a lot easier!

1. Nina the Giraffe Gift Set RRP £35.99 available from

This lovely luxury gift set is perfect for a baby or toddler. Included within this set is a gorgeous giraffe soft toy, with an excellent quality 100% cotton baby grow/t-shirt and a fabulous bottle of hair and body wash. Perfect for the changing bag or at home!

2. Sophie the Giraffe Teether RRP £12.95 available from Mothercare 

A classic teether, Sophie the giraffe has been relieving sore gums since 1961! This is a must-have baby toy and teether for the changing bag. Not only is it a teether for your little one it also has a squeak and laugh which helps your baby through the discomfort of teething.

3. Organic Coconut Oil RRP £0.79 each. Available from 

This is a must have item for new mums and babies. Coconut oil naturally contains Lauric acid. When ingested this Lauric acid converts to Monolaurin the compound found already in breast milk that assists the early stage development of baby’s immune system. Ideal for the changing bag as a snack!

4. Diprobase Ointment, cream and lotion. Available from

Diprobase can help manage all symptoms of eczema whether it’s severe, moderate or mild and even when the skin is clear. All Diprobase products provide hydration and are free of parabens and fragrances which could be harmful to your baby.

5. Boots Nappies and Wipes. Available from

We can’t forget the nappies and wipes! Why not check out Pampers range of nappies and the wipes from Water Wipes which are perfect for sensitive and soft skin just like your baby’s.

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