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Top new board games for kids

Top new board games for kids

With all the gadgets and tech that kids of today have, it’s always nice to see them having good old-fashioned fun with a board game! Read on to find out our favourite new board games for kids:

1. Pickin’ Chickens - £16.99

Save your chicks from the jumping fox! Spin the green pasture, where 12 coups are nestled. When it stops spinning pick up a coup to reveal an image. Be the first to collect four chickens before the fox jumps up from his tree truck hiding place. Only the farmer bard can save you from losing a chicken to the hungry fox. Two levels of play for younger or older children. For up to 4 players.

2. Peppa Pig Giant Snakes & Ladders Floor Game - £9.99

Kids will love this Peppa Pig Giant Snakes and Ladders game! Players must make their way around the board to try and make it back to Peppa Pig's home. With ladders to help you on your way, you can try to beat your opponents but watch out for the snakes, as they will send you back! This giant, fun floor game version of traditional snakes and ladders, will keep children entertained for hours.

3. My First Bananagrams - £14.99

Many of you may be familiar with the fast paces anagram game BANANAGRAMS, but this new version differs slightly offering colourful lower case letter tiles and double letter tiles, making it easier for younger children to complete their word grid. The game also includes a collection of 10 curriculum based mini games that are designed to become more challenging as confidence and vocabulary grows. Perfect for pre-schoolers!

4. Zingo - RRP £16.99

This matching game encourages pre-readers and early readers alike to match the pictures and words to their challenge cards. The Zingo! Zinger dispenses tiles and young minds quickly race to be the first player with a full card and yell “ZINGO!”

5. Go Away Monster - RRP £14.99

Too many monsters? Reach into the bag and feel around to find the pieces that fit your bedroom game board. If you pull out a monster, don’t be scared… just tell that silly old thing to go away. Then get rid of it for good by tossing it into the monster pit and out of your room.


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