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Top Outdoor Dining Accessories

Top Outdoor Dining Accessories

Now that we’re in the midst of summer, it’s the perfect time to head outside to enjoy your evening meal or host a garden party. Whether you choose to dine outdoors with your family or friends, we’ve come up with the perfect dining accessories that are perfect for moving food from the kitchen to the garden.

1. Judge Slate Serving Platter - £22.40
This rectangular serving platter is great for presenting desserts or savoury nibbles if you’re thinking of having a garden party. The slate board is sure to impress your guests and the slate surface can easily be removed from the wooden edge for cleaning.

2. OXO Salad Spinner - £26.00
Spin your salad in style with this salad spinner from OXO! We love the non-slip base of the spinner which keeps it sturdy even when at top speed, and the sleek design means that it doubles as a salad bowl so you can take your freshly made salad out into the garden.

3. Genuine Thermos Brand Dual Compartment Food Jar - £39.99 
Keep food either hot or cold for hours with this dual compartment food jar from Thermos. The jar has two separate compartments for storing food and is ideal if you’re taking hot or cold food with you to a garden party!

4. Bar Be Quick Picnic Barbecue - £19.99
Whether you want to enjoy some barbecued food in the garden, at the park or on the beach, this picnic barbecue from Bar Be Quick is the perfect portable grill. At just under £20 the picnic barbecue has a 34cm grill, adjustable air vent and a heat resistant handle making it great value for money!

5. Hothouse Floral Jug (Available from Argos) - £24.99
Bring your garden to life with this bold, floral jug, perfect for filling with drink and serving your guests at a garden party. If you don’t fancy using the jug for drink, fill it with flowers to make a pretty floral centre piece on your table outdoors!

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