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Top places to visit in Ireland this St Patrick’s Day!

Top places to visit in Ireland this St Patrick’s Day!

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the Emerald Isle this March, then what would be better than celebrating St Patrick’s Day in the land where it all began! See our top places to visit during this annual holiday!

1. Dublin

Sorry for stating the obvious but the capital and Ireland’s largest city of Dublin is the place to be this St Patrick’s Day! The city celebrates the national holiday over a four-day period, and is basically one huge, loud and wild party that guarantees fun and probably a little chaos, too. If you’re not one for crowds, you might want to head to one of the small towns instead as it can get very, very busy!

2. Downpatrick, County Down – Northern Ireland

Downpatrick, Co. Down is one of Ireland’s most ancient and historic towns and plays a key part in the history of St Patrick. As the place where St Patrick is rumoured to be buried, the locals are very proud of the area and are keen to share it with visitors from far and wide. Located in Northern Ireland, just south-east of Belfast, Downpatrick holds the biggest St Patrick’s Day celebrations outside of Dublin.

3. Cork

Cork, Ireland’s second largest city, also claims to be THE place to be on St. Patrick’s weekend, with many referring to it as the “other capital city”. Celebrations in Cork are just as busy, though its biggest claim to fame when it comes to the Irish holiday is that it holds the title for the shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world. It takes place in Dripsey, about 30 minutes away from the city centre, where it travels just 100 yards, between the village’s two pubs.

4. Dingle

Dingle is the only major town on the Dingle Peninsula, situated on the west coast of Ireland, known for its picture-perfect lush emerald hills dotted with sheep, white-washed cottages and spectacular cliffs that touch down to turquoise waters. With plenty of local pubs there is a variety of place to party the night away in! Here, they kick off the celebration early, with the Dingle Fife and Drum Band taking to the streets at 6am on the day. The parade follows a traditional route that winds through the brightly coloured buildings with unique shops that are so quintessentially Ireland.

What plans do you have this St Patrick’s Day? We’d love to hear any traditional or quirky celebrations! Head over to our social media and let us know now!

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