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Top Summer Drinks and Cocktails

Top Summer Drinks and Cocktails

With the evenings getting lighter and the days getting warmer, it feels like summer is just around the corner. Why not take advantage of this and try some of our favourite summer drinks and cocktails!

1. Belsazar Summer Cup: This refreshing fruity punch is wonderful for an outdoor party!

• 60ml Belsazar White Vermouth
• 10ml apricot brandy
• 10ml lemon juice
• 15ml apple juice
• Apple, mint, berries, cucumber and lemon zest

Instructions: Layer the ingredients into a tumbler and garnish with apple, mint, berries, cucumber and lemon zest. You can find Belsazar White Vermouth here!

2. iHeart Cava: iHeart Cava is the perfect alternative to Prosecco (which is good to know with the shortage) and is ideal for celebrations. You’ll be able to find iHeart Cava here!

3. Bees Knees Cocktail: A brilliant combination of gin and honey, what more could anybody want?

• 50ml gin
• 10ml runny honey
• 5ml water
• 15ml fresh lemon juice

Instructions: Stir the honey into the water until dissolved to make the syrup. Pour into a cocktail shaker with the gin, lemon juice and a couple of ice cubes. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. For this cocktail we love to use Martin Miller’s Gin, you can find it here!

4. Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wine: For those of you who don’t drink or are trying to cut down on alcohol, Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wine is a perfect substitute. The recently released flavour, Sauvignon Blanc, is only 28 calories per glass which is a huge bonus! You can find it here!

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