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Top tips for perfect camera selfies!

Top tips for perfect camera selfies!

Score tons of likes (and followers) with these easy tricks for snapping amazing selfies every time.

1. Tilt you head at an angle

This simple trick highlights your cheekbones and makes your eyes look considerably bigger whilst giving off an adorable look!

2. Make sure you find the perfect lighting

The right light will make your skin look amazing and your hair look shiny and full of colour. Standing next to a window to take advantage of natural light always helps.

3. Crop in tight

An advanced tip is that if you hold your phone closer to yourself, it will accentuate your features and minimise those which are further away like backgrounds etc.

4. Pose in or out of water

Showing yourself in water can be really fun and it also makes the picture more unique than the typical camera selfie.

5. Pose with something new

Perhaps you’ve just recently purchased a new pair of glasses. Frame the photo to accentuate your specs. Or if you’ve had your hair cut and coloured, show it off in your selfie!

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