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Top tips on how to work effectively from home

Top tips on how to work effectively from home

Working from home is great at times, but sometimes it can be a struggle. Not having to commute saves money and time and if you want to work in your pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms then you can! But how do you stop getting distracted from household duties and how can you get anything done if you have the kids around? If this sounds familiar, then here are our top tips on how to work a little easier at home.

1. Identify what needs to be done and make sure you do it.

Create yourself a to-do list so once you’ve completed a job, you have the satisfaction of crossing it off. This way, you’ll never forget anything again.

2. Get dressed

Keep a regular routine, so getting dressed every day like you’re going to the office will keep you motivated.

3. Invest in creating an office or clear space

Having your own space is the best thing when you’re working, so making sure you have your own office with an organised desk is essential.

4. Pretend you’re not at home

Don’t answer the door during business hours.

5. Set your working hours

If you commit yourself to specific hours like you do at the office, you’re more likely to get work done during those hours.

6. Communicate well and often with your colleagues

Maintaining good, clear contact with your colleagues is great so they can know what to expect from you and whether your home office might be a source of limitations.

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