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Top tips on how you can help your children with their homework

Top tips on how you can help your children with their homework

It’s a known fact that when parents take interest in their kids’ homework they become more successful as they’re willing to become involved. Of course, helping with homework doesn’t have to mean you spend hours over a desk. You can easily demonstrate organisation skills, explaining a tricky problem or just encourage kids to take a break. Who knows, parents may also learn a little too! Here are our five top tips to beat the dreaded homework.

1. Set up a homework friendly area

When studying, whatever your age may be; you always need a quiet, neat and tidy working space. Make sure the working space is well lit up with lots of supplies like paper, pencils, pens and all other stationary.

2. Praise their work

Children are most likely to take things in and work harder if they are praised for their work. Make sure you have a sticker chart on your wall so your kids are able to see what progress they are making.

3. Encourage your child to become more independent

Doing your kids homework isn’t always the way. If you make sure you’re always helping them but not too much for them to not understand the homework themselves.

4. Don’t let them use any electronic devices

Using any electronic devices will certainly cause distractions with any of your children. It’s more interesting than homework so showing them a screen will easily distract.

5. Focus on effort rather than grades

Show confidence in your children’s abilities but don’t ask too much of them!

Do you have any of your own tips to help your kids with their homework? We’d love to hear some of them! Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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