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Top tips on travelling at ease with a little one

Top tips on travelling at ease with a little one

This time of year, we are starting to plan our summer holidays, if we haven’t already got everything booked!  And travelling with a little one means that there’s a lot more preparation involved, particularly if you want everything to be stress-free!  So here are our tips when taking our small friends with us, whether for a week in the sun or even just a weekend to the coast.

1. Bring snacks

Wherever you are going, pack plenty of snacks!  Hungry children become irritable children, so make sure you have a supply of chewy bars, raisins and other favourite treats to hand out and prevent a tantrum!

2. Don't forget...

Make sure you’ve got enough nappies, wipes and nappy cream with you and that it’s handy on the journey! You don’t want to have to unpack the boot to get at it all!

3. Entertainment

Travelling for children can be very boring and tiring, so something to help while away the hours and distract them is always a good idea.  Remember to take their favourite teddy, a book and little travel toys for them to play with, as well as paper and crayons to create a new masterpiece! And don’t forget to download episodes of their favourite TV programmes onto your phone or tablet, too (remember to fully charge it before you leave!).

4. Equipment

If you are flying away, don’t try and pack every last piece of baby equipment! Remember that you’ve got a baggage allowance and will have to carry it all and the majority of family friendly hotels will have lots of equipment that you can use once you get there.  Most important will be plenty of suncream and hats as well, of course, all your travel documents (make sure your passports and travel insurance are up to date well in advance), don’t leave it all to the last minute!

5. Go direct

Direct flights are always best if you are travelling with children.  They may be more expensive, but waiting for connecting flights in airports is not a good idea with tired, bored little ones in tow.

6. Relax

Above all, try and stay calm – little ones can easily pick up on your stress.  Keep up the physical contact to reassure them and make sure you pack their favourite blanket – familiar smells of home will help them adjust.  Once you’re there, try to make sure that their routine is maintained as close to how it is at home.

And finally…

For somewhere for little one to sleep on the go we recommend Chicco’s Lullago Zip (RRP £130.00) which is new for 2017! This two in one crib makes the perfect travel companion as it provides your baby with a comfortable place to sleep whenever you’re on the move. Its expandable section allows it to act as a crib from 0-6 months and a first baby bed from 6-18 months.

Are you planning to go away this year?  If so, let us know where you’re off to over on Facebook and Twitter.

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