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Top Tips to avoid Family Holiday Nightmares

Top Tips to avoid Family Holiday Nightmares

With the usual exodus of us Brits going abroad during the School holidays there are many things that can spoil that break away but fortunately many of the reasons that turn our dream holidays into nightmare ones are easily prevented. Here is our list of top tips to help you and your family enjoy that time away


• Take a mixture of currency and cards in case either is lost or stolen.
• Don't give in to pester power when it comes to the children asking to go on pedalo rides, or for ice creams. Set a budget and stick to it.
• Pick a card designed for overseas use.
• Prepaid cards are another alternative, and some allow you to make purchases and withdraw cash overseas for no extra charge.


• If you tend to have more than one holiday a year - or plan on travelling long-haul for two weeks - it can be more cost-effective to opt for an annual multi-trip policy.
• Check your insurance policy covers water parks and water sports such as jet skiing or camel rides as often they are exempt as "hazardous activities".
• Remember to apply for a European Health Insurance Card for every member of your family (EHIC) if you're travelling within the EU, as this will entitle you to state healthcare at a reduced cost - or in some cases for free.


• Avoid eating from buffets where the food is lukewarm and to watch the food trays as some of them may have been out for long periods.
• If you decide to buy fresh fruit and veg make sure to wash it in bottled mineral water if possible.

Day trips

• When it comes to booking day trips don’t let your husband loose on this and end up taking your family on a wilderness excursion or extreme sports day unless you are genuinely as enthusiastic about going on one as he is.

Including those above he are some of the more simple tips we often forget:

• Pack a little medical kit that includes the basics such as plasters, insect repellent, anti- histamine, headache tablets etc
• Pack enough Sun cream and after sun to last the holiday – holiday destinations charge a fortune for the stuff!
• If you are flying abroad leave plenty of time to get to and from the Airport. Nothing worse than missing your flight because you thought you would have an extra hour in bed!

Most important of all your family holiday is supposed to be fun so make sure you follow our tips for hopefully a trouble free break.

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