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Top tips to get healthy after Christmas

Top tips to get healthy after Christmas

Getting healthy after Christmas can be hard, with left over chocolates, family meet ups and often a lot of alcohol, temptation can often get in the way. Read our top tips below. We have even listed some of our favourite health kick products.

1. Get on the Juicer hype- Homemade juices are a great way to clean your system and get all of the vitamins you need to recover from a holiday of partying and over indulging. Be sure to invest in a good quality juicer that gives you the best results. We love Philips Viva Collection Compact Juicer!

2. Drink plenty of water- Rehydrating is an easy way to reduce bloating and clear your skin. Why not invest in a fruit infusion bottle? Adding fruits to your water increases its already endless benefits. Aquablend do a great range of small and large on the go infusion bottles. See the range here (2) 

3. Don’t worry about giving into the temptations- We are all human and giving into your temptations isn’t a bad thing. But finding alternatives to your favourite treats can be a good way to feel “less guilty”. Make your own yoghurt using Hansells Yoghurt maker (3) ( Hyperlink ) and freeze the end results as a great alternative to ice-cream. 

4. Plan your meals- Meal prep or planning ahead can avoid over buying and over eating. Hello Fresh meal boxes (4) are a great way to control portion size and get lots of ideas on how you can cram your meals full of vegetables. Boxes Start at £54 for a family of 4-5 for 5 meals a week!
And if you don’t have time to prep something before work then fear not. Bol High protein meal tubs are perfect for on the go or at work. They are tasty, low in fat and high in protein so you will stay fuller for longer! Find out about Bol here (5) 

5. Get out and about- A simple way to feel healthier is to move more! Get outside; for a walk, a run, a play in the park anything to get you off the sofa will instantly make you fell better on the inside!


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