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Top Travel Accessories for Pets

Top Travel Accessories for Pets

If you haven’t thought about it already, now is the perfect time to prepare for the journey by purchasing a few essential and desired travel accessories for your pet. Aside from the diamond collars, carriers, harnesses and standard leads, the list of what to bring with you on holiday is endless and could become expensive! Here are our top five pet accessories for you to start off with.

1. Portable Pet Water Bottle - £1.59
Perfect for all cats and dogs, this portable water bottle is a convenient water dispenser which consists of a bowl that attaches onto a water bottle. Ideal for your pet on the move!


2. RAC Advanced Multi-Function Dog Lead - £14.99
This advanced dog lead is sturdy and adjustable with a few handy extras that will make your dog walk more organised. Included with this lead is a treat holder which is handy when training your dog. There is also a water pouch for your dog after a long walk!

3. Dog Seat Belt - £5.50
Don’t forget to think of your dog’s safety! With this seat belt is an adjustable belt that connects a harness to a seat belt lock. It keeps your dog safe and secure at all times making travelling with your pets a pleasant and safe experience.

4. Gourmet Store Small Animal Feeder - £7.00
This Gourmet Animal feeder is suitable for cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. It’s ideal for keeping your food stored for a short period of time which then allows your pet to graze naturally throughout the day.

5. Folding Travel Booster Bag and Seat Carrier - £8.95
Make sure your pet is safe and secure with this fold away travel booster bag. Not only does this keep your pet safe and secure whilst you’re driving, but it also creates a soft, warm and comfortable environment for your pet.

Wherever your destination this summer, make sure you’re prepared for anything!

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