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Top UK Bloggers review the new Clangers magazine

Top UK Bloggers review the new Clangers magazine

As many of you already know the brand new Clangers magazine is set to hit the shelves today. That’s why we asked some of the most influential bloggers in the UK to take a look at the mag for us. It seems as if ‘Single Mother Ahoy’ loved it, take a look below:

“S was absolutely delighted this weekend when a copy of the brand new Clangers magazine dropped onto our door mat. She loves watching the Clangers and is forever trying to educate me as to which character is which and what is going on in the show – apparently it’s a lot more complicated than your average adult might think!

This first edition of the magazine comes with a whistle which sounds like a Clanger, and your own model Clanger – Tiny, I believe he/she/it is called. As well as this, the magazine is packed with fun things to do.

There are instructions in how to make your whistle speak Clanger; tons of stickers, stories, letters and numbers, mazes and puzzles, an activity where you use a cereal box to make a boat, and of course colouring.

S wasted no time in getting into the colouring; she loved the big picture, which spread across two whole pages and gave her plenty of opportunity to practice colouring inside the lines.

There are over 30 clanger things to make, read and do and I’m sure it will take us a good couple of weeks to get through them all! Like with all CBeebies magazines, the Clangers magazine supports the Early Years Curriculum – so I know that S is spending time learning things that will tie in with what she learns at nursery (and big school, gulp).

The new Clangers magazine is out this Wednesday (27th April), available from your local newsagent and priced at £2.99.”

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