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Travel Games!

Travel Games!

As it’s holiday season, we take a look at the best travel games to play with the family!

1. Eye spy
This is a fun game that can be played anywhere, any time and never gets boring as your surroundings are constantly changing. It can be played on a long car journey, a trip to the airport or even on a ferry!

2. Snap
A pack of cards are probably one the easiest games to carry around with and again can be played anywhere. We all know the fun game of snap – but there are also tons of other games that can be played with the cards.

3. We all went shopping
This fun game also gets those brain cells working. One person starts and says “I went shopping and bought…”. The second person repeats the first person’s phrase and adds their own item, and on, and on, and on, until someone or everyone forgets who bought what.

4. Name that song
A fun one for a long car journey. Simply keep the radio on and every time a new song starts, it’s case of ‘name that tune’. Award yourself your point for each one get right!

5. Simon says
The old classic, this is a fun one to play almost anywhere. Simply follow the instructions that ‘Simon says’, but be careful, if the word ‘Simon says’ don’t proceed the action then you mustn’t do it or you will be out. Winner is last one standing.

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