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Travel smart with your make-up

Travel smart with your make-up

The New Year’s closing in and that means only one thing, party, party PARTY! Regular touch ups to your make-up will be essential. But do you find your handbag drowning in a growing number of products and struggle to find what you want when you need it and fast? It’s time to travel smart and maximise your make-up bag’s potential. Check out this quick rundown for tips!

1. Invest

It might be worth splashing out on a good quality make-up bag. Choose one with lots of compartments so you can easily separate your lipsticks from your foundations and blushers. It’ll make the search for what you’re looking for much easier!

2. Be brutal

Have a make-up cull and be brutal! Think about whether you really need to carry three shades of the same nail varnish with you. Make sure you only travel with the bare essentials and leave the rest at home. Your make-up bag will love you for it!

3. Is it off?

Make-up has a surprisingly short shelf life so if you’re struggling to decide what to throw out, have a quick smell and ask yourself whether you think it has gone off. Make-up should be at its best to make it on to your face.

4. Buy compact

Before you buy your next set of make-up that you plan to travel with, bear in mind how suited it would be to your bag. Avoid large, cumbersome eye shadow pallets, for example. Try to find three-in-ones containing your favourite shades instead.

5.  Brush up

It’s worth looking after your make-up brushes. They’re handy to have and save on space. Plus, they save you from having to dip your fingers from one blush to another, so no more unsightly colour mix-ups!

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